Dan’s journey

Dan was 52 when he was diagnosed on 11 November 2010.

He’s been blogging about his experience of prostate cancer and life after surgery “as a creative and sometimes irreverent means of venting and sharing my thoughts, feelings, and latest status. If I don’t do this, my head will explode.”

Know what you mean, Dan. And thanks for sharing.

It’s good to know there are other men rabbiting on about incontinence and erections and everything else that goes with having prostate cancer and surgery. Now I don’t feel so self-obsessed. I can point to Dan’s blog and say to myself, “he’s doing it too.”

Am sorry to hear, Dan, that your PSA has kicked up a little after being undetectable for so long. I’d assumed that if you’d had undetectable PSA for several years after surgery, you could pretty much say goodbye to PSA-anxiety and everything that goes with it. Here’s hoping your next test in December gives some peace of mind.

Blood tests are undoubtedly a most amazing diagnostic tool. But jeez they’re bloody brutal, too. They don’t take anyone’s feelings into account.

In wishing Dan peace of mind I’m also wanting same for myself, of course. I see my urologist tomorrow for the results from blood and urine samples I provided last week.

It’s early days for me.

I had the prostate operation just five months ago, on 5 June 2015, and returned a zero PSA reading when I had my first post-operative check-up two months later. I’m expecting no change tomorrow because it feels way to soon for things to be otherwise.

Fingers crossed…

You can read more about Dan at http://dansjourney.com/

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